The DoubleBass Workshop


Private lessons with double bass virtuoso Michael Wolf in Galway, November 2011

When lessons with bass virtuoso Michael Wolf were offered here in the Workshop in Galway, demand was so great that Prof. Wolf had to teach for a second day! We are hoping to hold another day of lessons with Prof Wolf in April.

Photos of the Lessons in November 2011:





Cormac O’Brien, Damian Evans, Michael Wolf  








Daniel Bodwell








Michael Wolf and Teresa Turner









Paul Stevens








Barry Rycroft








 Phelan Murphy







Maidhc O’ hEanaigh, Peter Doherty, Tom Barrett








Robert Campbell









Teresa Turner








Tom Barrett, Damian Evans, Daniel Bodwell






Daniel Drennan









Paul O’Driscoll








Peter Doherty







Maidhc O’ hEanaigh