The DoubleBass Workshop


Double Bass Bows

We have a choice of fine
Pernambuco Bows
and Composite Material Bows for you to choose from.

Double Bass Bows from Thomas Martin 

The “Claude Marchand” Double Bass Bow

Working closely with a leading bow maker, Thomas Martin has introduced the “Claude Marchand” bow. They are available in both French style (modelled on Vigneron and Sartory) and German model (inspired by the old H.R. Pfretchner). 

Only the finest pernambuco wood and silver mountings are used. Balance and playability are the first consideration. They are priced to suit any budget, and many are used by top professional players.

T&G Martin Carbon Fibre Bass Bows

The French model is well presented and silver mounted with the classic French style frog. With a fine arch and taper, the balance is fine and the playability is excellent rivalling the finest wooden sticks.

The German style bow shares the same fine characteristics of balance, workmanship, and playability as the French model. The superb arch and taper to the stick making it a great playing bow.


A. Carvalho, octagon
Claude Marchand
A. Carvalho, round
M. Francisc
Ronaldo Siquiera
E. Dupree
Horst, pernambuco
Conrad Gotz
Octagon Pernambuco unbranded
Alfred Knoll

Coda Infinity
Coda Revelation
T&G Martin, braided carbon-fiber
Arcos, braided carbon-fiber
Carbondix Ophelia, braided carbon-fiber
Glasser Premium, fiberglass
Glasser Standard


Claude Marchand
M.Francisco snakewood frog
A.Carvalho oct, nickel
A.Carvalho round nickel
E.Dupree octagon
Octagon unbranded

Coda Revelation
Carbondix Glasser
T&G Martin, braided carbon-fiber
Arcos Braided carbon-fiber
Ophelia Braided carbon-fiber
Glasser Premium, fiberglass
Glasser Standard