The DoubleBass Workshop


Nick Lloyd

Nick Lloyd, 7/8 Walnut Gamba, 2010

Spruce top, Walnut flatback/sides, Maple neck, 41.75″ string length 

I bought this bass in 2010 from the Double Bass Workshop in Galway. Before I bought it, it travelled to Dublin where bassists from the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra remarked how resonant and even the tone was for a such a new instrument. 

In 2012 I was one of two finalists for the bass audition of the Oslo Opera, and later that year I won an audition with Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse. For both auditions I played this bass. In Toulouse, both of the principle bassists remarked on the depth and quality of the sound of the instrument. 

The bass has matured subtly and beautifully over the years. The sound in general has become richer, yet retained it’s marvelous evenness in all registers. The projection was always very good and has certainly improved over time. I had Tom Barrett instal his C-extension, which the instrument has responded very well. 

The lower registers speak quickly under the bow: clear, agile, powerful, centred notes. The higher registers retain a richness of sound which is comparable to instruments of much higher value. This is an awesome bass!